During a session on, a user may actively and voluntarily submit information to the New York City Economic Development Corporation by, among other means, electronic mail ("e-mail"), or by filling in and submitting an on-line form. Such information is stored in a secure environment, and will be used by NYCEDC in furtherance of its duties and/or obligations under its contracts with The City of New York (the “City”), that is, “economic development and related purposes.”1

The economic development and related purposes to which actively submitted information may be put include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Helping NYCEDC respond to a request for information not readily available from
  • Investigating a problem reported to or referred to NYCEDC
  • Keeping lists of parties interested in some particular issue or facet of economic development or other business related issue in New York City about which NYCEDC anticipates issuing further information in the future
  • Disclosure of such information pursuant to a request made under Freedom of Information Law ("FOIL") or court order, if such information is not protected by federal or state law. 2

NYCEDC does not rent or sell personally identifiable information (i.e., information such as name, address, phone number or e-mail, that identifies a user as a particular person), nor would NYCEDC exchange or trade such information with third-parties without a user's explicit permission.

If you have elected not to receive further information from NYCEDC, will not send such information. If you have elected to receive further communication from NYCEDC, will only send information in categories that have been authorized. If sends e-mail to a user, such e-mail is NOT confidential, and is identical in nature to that information generally available to the public and news media.

1 NYCEDC’s duties and obligations are set forth in the contracts between NYCEDC and the City and in all applicable and relevant local, state and federal law.

2 Pursuant to Article 6 of NYS Public Officers Law 87, certain categories of information may be exempt from such disclosure under FOIL including, but not limited to, records whose disclosure would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy under 89(2) of Article 6, or might endanger the life or safety of any person.


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